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About us

About TemasekTech

Temasek Technology is also known as a leading web hosting provider since 2012. A major factor when considering which web hosting company to choose is "uptime". Uptime is simply the terminology to mean service availability. Temasek's record for the past 9 years is impressive. We have consistently maintained a service uptime of more than 99.98 %. This, together with our highspeed connectivity, reliable servers and excellent customer service, explains why more than 50% of our new customers are recommended to us by existing (and satisfied) customers.

TemasekTech run under our own AS number under AS139859

Even as we've gained a reputation over the years for an unsurpassed level of service, we'll go the extra mile to meet and exceed clients' expectations. All through a consistently high level of service, unrivalled technical support quality and cost-effectiveness with the fast, state-of-the-art servers we deploy. Just how far will we go? In the unlikely event of customer dissatisfaction, we're ready to provide a refund, no questions asked.

Using new technology

TemasekTech only using the latest and Enterprise build Server for all our Hosting Server to improve Performance.

  • Intel Xeon 5-Series, E3-Series, E5-Series
  • ECC memory / RAM
  • Enterprise SATA-3 and SSD
  • RAID-10 configuration for better perfomance
  • 1Gbps Port and 10Gbps Port

Comitment Promise

In addition to web hosting, we offer an array of additional services to serve the needs of our clients. Please browse through our site – examine our services – compare our prices and guarantees – email us if you have a question. We want to establish a permanent business arrangement that will serve as a single point of service for the IT needs of each individual client. Our existence depends on providing quality service to you and we are dedicated to that endeavor.

Any Question? Please contact our Customer Care Staff @ cs{@}temasektech.com

  • DirectAdmin with Softaculous

    TemasekTech, using market most popular and easy to use control panel "DA" on all our hosting server.

  • Testimonials


    赵丽伟 - 网络编辑

    Have been using temasektech for 2 years, so far no any problem with they hosting services. And support reply was also very professional.

    David Tan - Manager of vBox

    using Temasektech hosting for all my clients website for years. price was great and customer support alway respond very fast.

    Henry - Designer of GreenTree

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